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Oct 09th 2019 - Meeting of Health Conditions in School Alliance

Today CHF will be attending a meeting of the Health Conditions in School Alliance. CHF together with other charities and organisations that are concerned with the welfare of children with health conditions has been working to ensure that schools have a Medical Conditions Policy, that it is available on the school’s website and for OFSTED […]

Apr 05th 2019 - 03 April – Supporting research into medication for infants and children

CHF are calling for medicines prescribed to children to be specifically developed for children with age appropriate formulation. On 3 April, CHF held a drop-in session for MP’s at Portcullis House, London and invited MPs to engage in this important initiative. MPs had the opportunity to speak at first hand to a family and their […]

Mar 27th 2019 - 27 March – The LENA Study and children’s medicines

The Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) is at the final meeting of the LENA Study researching mini tablets for children with certain heart conditions. Further research into licensed medication for children is still needed because children are not mini adults. @meds4kids #meds4kids Further information:

Feb 28th 2019 - 28 February – How Keira’s heart saved Max’s life

CHF are sharing Keira and Max’s story told to the BBC: ‘Keira Ball was nine years old when she died in a car accident. But her donated organs saved the lives of four people, including Max Johnson, who received her heart. New legislation named Max and Keira’s Law is set to clear its final hurdle […]

15 Feb 2019

13/02/19 - CHD awareness week

This week we are sharing on the website homepage this video created by Naomi Moazzeny for CHD awareness week featuring the children from Team 1C at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Thanks Naomi. Keep on sharing and raising awareness of CHD.    

Nov 29th 2018 - 28 November – telling the Molly’s Dolly story at NCCHW

CHF gave a presentation telling the Molly’s Dollies story to the members of the National Council for Child Health and Well-being. The members were interested to hear the background story of why CHF started providing the Molly’s Dollies, the research that had gone into finding suitable dolls and the many ways they help children with […]

Nov 20th 2018 - Guidelines for children with heart conditions participating in parkrun

CHF has been liaising with parkrun UK to draft a set of guidelines for parents of children with heart conditions and parkrun organisers. The guidelines provide reassurance and information so that children with heart conditions can confidentally take part in the run and benefit from the exercise, fun and sense of achievement. ‘When I was […]

Nov 05th 2018 - 04 November CHF joins parkrun project PROVE

Four children who have all undergone heart surgery met together with their families at Beehive junior parkrun. The runners all completed the course in good time, smiling all the way as their families cheered them on or ran alongside them. Read more about the four runners here. The Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) and parkrun have […]

Aug 23rd 2018 - The inspiration for Molly’s Dollies goes on to inspire others with GCSE success

Molly was born on 15 December 2001 with Truncus Arteriosus type one with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and an atrial septal defect (ASD), she had open heart surgery at three weeks old in January 2002. When Molly got older around the time she was about to start primary school, she began to question her […]

Jul 26th 2018 - 26 July CHF say a big thank you to Persimmon Homes Essex

A very special week where the Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) has an opportunity to say a big thank you to  Persimmon Homes Essex for their significant donation to CHF’s Molly’s Dollies initiative. This means 40 bespoke Molly’s Dollies rag dolls with personalised congenital heart disease scarring will now be able to accompany 40 children with […]

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