Corporate Support

Your business could make a valuable contribution towards our work and help us to improve the lives of children with heart disease – ‘heart children’. At the same time you could benefit from a relationship with the Children’s Heart Federation who has a long history of working with many well-respected companies such as Marks and Spencer, Walt Disney, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Mail, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.

The companies we work with now make it possible for us to continue our vital work, including:

  • Offering guidance and information for parents who have often just found out about their child’s condition;
  • Offering free story books for children, normalising heart surgery for ‘heart children’ and their brothers and sisters;
  • Giving heart children dolls with heart surgery scars that match their own, helping children and their siblings understand their scars so it is not such a frightening experience.

We have very much enjoyed working with a wide range of organisations in the past and we are enthusiastic about showing our appreciation. CHF could:

  • Display your logo on our website and in our e-newsletter;
  • Print your logo on sporting t-shirts as people run, cycle or trek for CHF;
  • Give you permission to use our logo on your company brochures to display our partnership.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with CHF, there are lots of different ways you can help us. There should be something that appeals to everyone! Could you:

  • Nominate the Children’s Heart Federation as your Charity of the Year?
  • Encourage  a team of people to take part in the Great North Run, the British 10k or another event to raise funds for CHF?
  • Agree to match funding? – Would your company match the donations made by employees?
  • Donate staff time? – Would a team of employees take part in supporting one of our programmes?
  • Set up payroll giving? – Would your company include CHF in a payroll giving scheme through which staff give directly from their salary before getting taxed?

CHF relies heavily on corporate and individual support for its work with heart children, so we would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. If you are interested in working with the Children’s Heart Federation, please call us on 0300 561 0065 or email

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