Guidelines for children with heart conditions participating in parkrun

CHF has been liaising with parkrun UK to draft a set of guidelines for parents of children with heart conditions and parkrun organisers. The guidelines provide reassurance and information so that children with heart conditions can confidentally take part in the run and benefit from the exercise, fun and sense of achievement.

‘When I was a child I was excluded from all sporting activities at my school. The school was terrified I would endanger myself. An activity like parkrun would have been of great benefit to me and other children like me.’

“Exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease for anyone but children with heart conditions are more at risk of developing cardiovascular disease when they get older than the general population and people with a pre-existing condition may be more vulnerable and harder to treat.

Exercise is therefore extremely important for children with heart conditions and parkrun is a fun safe way to get some and it’s free!”

The guidelines may be downloaded here.

Paul Willgoss, CHF Trustee and marathon runner


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