How we help

Children’s Heart Federation helps children with heart defects and their families by:

Providing direct support

  • Information line for parents and carers of children with heart conditions 0300 561 0065
  • Two series of information sheets, one on heart conditions and another on caring for children with heart conditions
  • Resources for children with heart conditions such as Molly’s Dollies a rag doll with surgical scars and Rosie goes red, Violet goes blue and Sky the expert story books to help children and their siblings understand heart conditions
  • Providing medical equipment for children with heart conditions such as INR machines
  • The Heart2Heart newsletter containing information and news for the cardiac community
  • Pulse Parents – a private Facebook forum where parents can discuss topics relating to children with heart conditions
  • Coffee and questions – online events on a variety of subjects relevant to families with children with heart conditions, each event has a speaker and the opportunity to ask questions from the audience

Campaigning for support and services

  • Working in partnership with other organisations to develop policy and campaign on issues affecting families of children with a heart condition
  • Consulting with families through meetings and surveys, to understand their priorities for services
  • Regular briefings on issues of interest to the carers of a child with a heart problem


  • CHF is involved in research projects benefitting children with heart conditions and their families

If you find any of the information in these pages useful, please consider making a donation or offering support to the UK’s leading children’s heart charity.

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