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Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect in the UK. Thousands of babies are born with a heart problem each year and hundreds of children develop a heart condition at some point after birth.

The Children’s Heart Federation (CHF)  is the leading UK children’s heart charity and works with individuals and organisations concerned with children and young people with health and educational needs due to acquired or congenital heart conditions.

CHF was registered with the Charity Commission in 1988 and is administered and managed by a board of trustees.

What we do

  • Share information via two series of information sheets, heart conditions and caring for heart children.
  • Information phone line for support and advice.
  • Provide INR machines (to check coagulation levels in children on blood thinners) where they are not available from the NHS trust, subject to available funds.
  • Produce scarred Molly’s Dollies for children undergoing surgery or having treatment for a heart condition.
  • Produce Rosie goes red, Violet goes blue a booklet that explains about a heart condition to young children and their siblings.
  • Advise policy makers and service providers on how the needs of children with heart conditions should be met.
  • Share a twice monthly round up of congenital heart disease news via CHF’s e-journal: Heart2Heart that focuses on key UK and international stories.
  • Support research projects across the globe to help make the future a brighter place for children with heart conditions.
  • Campaign for improvements in health, social and educational provision for young CHD
  • Promote better awareness and support for heart children and families via social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Annual Reports

Annual reports and financial data is available at the Charity Commission website. Company information can be obtained from Companies House.





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