Equipment (INR Machines)

We hear countless stories of families having to make long journeys, week in week out, simply to conduct a short INR test which they could, with appropriate support, carry out at home. The expense of travel, the disruption to parents’ work, and disturbance to the child’s schooling, as well as the long and sometimes difficult journeys could all be minimised or prevented if the NICE Guidance is followed and all patients who meet the criteria are provided with an INR machine on prescription.

If you experience difficulty obtaining an INR machine through the NHS, you can download this form and ask a healthcare professional to complete it before returning it to CHF.

CHF has – subject to funding – been a major provider of INR machines to families that meet the referral criteria.

If you need further guidance about obtaining an INR machine please contact or phone 0300 561 0065 for further advice.

Support the INR self-monitoring campaign, find out more here.


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