Molly's Dolly

Parents often find it very difficult to explain heart surgery and the resulting scars to very young children.

The Children’s Heart Federation have come up with the idea of using Molly’s Dollies, a rag doll with surgical scars, to help explain scarring to children with heart conditions. These dolls can be used to gently introduce the idea of operations and scars to your child.

Order a free Molly’s Dolly

The dolls are available free of charge to children with heart conditions in the UK, the signature of a healthcare professional is required, for example a Cardiac Liaison Nurse, Doctor or play specialist.

Download the application form to be completed by a healthcare professional if you’re claiming a free doll. Or to request an application form through the post call 0300 561 0065 or email




Buy a doll

If you are happy to pay for a doll and so help the work of CHF one can be bought from the shop here You may want to buy a scarred doll for a heart child and an unscarred doll for a sibling.

Sponsor a doll

It costs £24 to customise the doll to the child, plus postage and packing.  By donating £2 per month to CHF you would help pay for one doll for a heart child after twelve months.

If you need any help with this email or phone 0300 561 0065.

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