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CHF is currently unable to provide family grants due to restrictions in income.

CHF may provide INR machines for children with heart conditions when they are not supplied by the NHS Trust. Children’s Heart Federation | Equipment (INR Machines) (

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Travel costs

The NHS Low Income Scheme could help with the cost of travelling to receive NHS treatment. Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) – NHS (

If you have to visit hospital (as a patient or career) to attend outpatient appointment or have treatment, you may be able to get help with your travel costs and those of a companion) if this is medically necessary) paid to and from a place where you receive National Health Service (NHS) treatment.

If you get Income Support, Income based Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Credit (guarantee credit) or Income related Employment and Support Allowance, you can claim back the costs of travel. You will usually make a claim at the hospital you are attending. You can apply on form HC5.

If you get Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit, you might also be able to claim help with the travel costs if your gross annual income is £16,000 or less.

If you do not get one of the benefits above but have a low income, you may get some help with travel costs. You can apply for help on form HC1.

Further grant opportunities


Variety – condition-related equipment

Whizz Kidz – condition-related equipment

Family Fund – condition-related equipment and household items

Boparan Charitable Trust –Powered & Manual Wheelchairs, Specialist Buggies and Pushchairs, Specialist Car Seats, White Goods, Food & Clothing Vouchers, Therapies (including Speech & Language, Occupations Therapy, Food Therapy, Behavioural Therapy).

The League of the Helping Hand – one-off grants of up to £250 towards items including: Essential household goods (excepting computers and IT equipment), specialist equipment and a carer’s break (depending on funding).

Financial advice and assistance

Citizens Advice Bureau

Disability Living Allowance

Carers and disability benefits


British Gas Energy Trust – grants to clear domestic gas and electricity debts owed to British Gas and other suppliers

EDF Energy Trust – to help individuals and families to clear domestic gas and electricity debts, to purchase essential energy efficient household items such as washing machines and cookers or with Bankruptcy / Debt Relief Order (DRO), Sequestration and Minimal Asset Process fees.

Help with Health Costs Help with health costs | Contact

Prescription charges

Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In England they are free if you are aged under 16, under 19 and in full time education, aged 60, are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months. They are also free to patients who have specified conditions.

Sight tests and glasses

Sight tests are free in Scotland. In EnglandNorthern Ireland and Wales, they are free if you are:

  • Under 16, or under 19 in full-time education.
  • Aged 60 or over.
  • Registered with a visual impairment or partially sighted or have glaucoma or diabetes (or are aged 40 and above and are a close relative of someone with glaucoma or diabetes).

You will get free vouchers for glasses or contact lenses if are aged under 16, or are under 19 and in full-time education. You also qualify regardless of age if you need complex or powerful glasses.

Free NHS dental treatment

In Scotland dental examinations (but not treatment) are free to everyone. Dental examinations are free in Wales if you are aged under 25 or over 60.

In England you will qualify for free dental treatment if you are aged under 18, or under 19 and in full time non-advanced education, or if you are pregnant or have given birth in the last year or in certain circumstances if you are a hospital dentist service patient.

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