Safe in schools campaign

CHF as a member of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is campaigning to ensure that all schools have a medical conditions policy and that it is posted on the school’s website for easy access.

Support this campaign by writing to your MP.

Despite the alliance having campaigned successfully in 2014 for it to be made compulsory  for all schools to have an easily accessible medical conditions policy, research showed that only one in ten schools had complied, meaning that parents had no policy to refer to if problems occurred.

Findings also showed that children were being put in danger at school or were missing out on opportunities because the policy was not in place.

The Alliance believes that children’s welfare would be improved by the fulfillment of two aims

Campaign aims

  • For all schools to post their medical conditions policy on their website

and to ensure this actually happens

  • For OFSTED to ensure that a check for a medical conditions policy become part of their inspection

Support this campaign by writing to your MP.

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