May 15th 2024 - CHF Whitemoor Lakes Activity Day

Join the Children’s Heart Federation for an outdoor activity day at Whitemoor Lakes, Staffordshire. 6th July 2024 There will be a range of indoor and outdoor activities during the course of the day and lunch and refreshments will be provided. Activities planned includes archery, fencing, arts & crafts, gladiators, giant SUP boarding, zipwires, Zorb football […]

Mar 06th 2024 - Coffee & Questions – Tips and Techniques to support Mind health

Join CHF and Heads2Minds for online workshops for parents and carers of children with heart conditions focused on tips and techniques for supporting the mental health of those affected as a carer.  

Feb 01st 2024 - Heart Month 2024

Each year, National Heart Month is observed in February. Read today’s story here   Share your story During this time, we are sharing ‘Your Stories’ every day throughout heart month. Stories really matter; not only do they make a real difference to other people in a similar situation, they offer inspiration and comfort. If you […]

Jan 15th 2024 - Steering Groups

Share your experience to shape the future for children with heart conditions   We want to hear from: • Young people with heart conditions (you should be ages 10-25 and at any stage of your heart journey). • Professionals in the cardiac sectors (you could be a nurse, radiographer, outreach professional, care worker, play specialist, […]

Feb 29th 2024 - Daisy’s story

told by her mum Emma and dad Ronnie   This is our daughter Daisy. She is the light of our world and we love her dearly. Daisy was born via a c-section on 19th June 2023. We had no idea she had heart issues. She was very quiet after she was born, and didn’t take […]

Feb 28th 2024 - Max’s Story

told by mum Julie.   This handsome chap was born on 5th November 1998. A wonderful, if unexpected, addition to our family. When the midwife handed him to me I said, “Look at those tiny little ears! How come he’s so small? Only 7lb 12oz when Georgia (my daughter) was 9lb 8oz!” “Don’t be silly, […]

Feb 27th 2024 - Freya’s Story

told by mum   Our little girl Freya was born on 27 Feb 2021 with pulmonary atresia/Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). She is our absolute hero. When Freya was first born things looked quite bleak, she had no central pulmonary artery and the branch arteries to her lungs were so small. We were told there might […]

Feb 26th 2024 - Nesta’s Story

told by mum Olivia   The CHF Think Heart campaign really hit home because we had no idea of our son’s critical heart condition. I had a completely healthy pregnancy; I attended my midwife appointments and the anatomy scan. We were told his heart was healthy and nothing in the scans raised any concerns. I […]

Feb 25th 2024 - Phineas’s Story

told by mum.   Phineas (Phin) was born with an incredibly complex heart, among his defects he had several holes, his left lung was only connected via a tiny conduit and his pulmonary artery was missing. If the sonographer hadn’t picked up on his defects at our 20 week scan there is a chance he […]

Feb 24th 2024 - Daniel’s Story

told by mum At 17 I found out I was pregnant, on the 3rd March 2016 myself and my mum went to my 20 week scan, I was so excited for my mum to see her first grandchild. The sonographer was doing all the usual checks then kept going back to his heart. That’s when […]