Write to your MP about safety in school settings for children with a medical health condition

CHF and the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is campaigning for safety for all children with a medical health condition in a school setting. We want you to write to your MP about this. Download a template letter here.

After it came to light that children with health conditions were not getting the care they needed in school and were also being discriminated against because of their condition;

  • the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance campaigned successfully in 2014, for it to be made compulsory for all schools to have an easily accessible medical conditions policy.

However, research shows that only one in ten schools have complied, meaning that parents have no policy to refer to if problems occurred.

Findings also showed that children were being put in danger at school or were missing out on opportunities because the policy was not in place.

Please will you support the Alliance by working to ensure the following aims are fulfilled:

• For all schools to post their medical conditions policy on their website
and to ensure schools follow this rule;

• For OFSTED to ensure that a check for a medical conditions policy become part of their inspection.

Please join our efforts to make sure medical health conditions policy inspection and regulation moves to the top of the agenda and that it’s mandatory for schools to inform parents of their medical conditions policies via their websites.

We’re leading this campaign. Join us. Write to your MP

A template letter can be downloaded here 

You just need to amend the red sections to reflect your personal experience.

The letter is for guidance and help.

Please feel free to write your own letter.  The important part is to get the message across.

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