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Children’s story writing competition

Do you know a child who loves to write stories?

Eight-year-old Ava does. She has written a fantastic story about a little girl whose brother has an organ transplant. You can read it here.

Ava grew up with Dominic (Dom) the inspiration behind the CHF little story book Rosie goes red, Violet goes blue.

Ava’s story has inspired CHF to run a children’s story competition. Any child may enter, but the story must be about a child with any kind of heart condition, so stories from children with heart conditions or their siblings are particularly welcome.

Read more about the competition here.

Ava grew up knowing Dom was very poorly. He needed to use a wheelchair, was very tired all the time, and took lots of medicines.   Eventually the only way he could have a chance to live was by having a heart transplant. Luckily his gift came just in time.

Ava wrote her story to help other children understand about heart transplants, having seen what an incredible difference it made to Dom’s life when his gift came.

She also always remembers the incredible family whose generous decision at a time of sadness made it possible.

Writing is a talent that runs in Ava’s family. Dom has collaborated with his parents Mike and Fran on the writing of a new story book for children called Sky the expert. It follows a day in the life of Sky, a little boy with a serious heart condition and highlights the differences and similarities of his day with that of his heart-healthy brother Rufus.

Our next Coffee and questions event on 6th July, will feature Sky the expert and other resources available from CHF, book your tickets here.

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