23 October - Safe in school day

CHF visited the Houses of Parliament with other groups from the Healthcare in Schools Alliance, a group of children’s charities that over the years have pooled their resources and expertise to improve the welfare, education and health of school students.

The Alliance is campaigning to ensure that schools have a medical conditions policy and for it to be available to download from the school’s website. Despite the alliance having campaigned successfully in 2014 for this to be made compulsory research showed that only a small percentage of schools were doing it. Findings also showed that children were being put in danger at school or were missing out on opportunities because the policy was not in place.

A team from CHF including heart child Francesca and her mother Jane asked that MPs request that OFSTED included checking for a medical conditions policy as part of their inspection.

Campaign aims

  • All schools to post their medical conditions policy on their website.
  • OFSTED to ensure that a check for a medical conditions policy be part of their inspection.

Support the campaign by writing to your MP.

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