June 27 - NHS Blood and Transplant 2017

This week we attended the NHS Blood and Transplant 2017 event.

Children with heart conditions rely on people to donate their blood and sometimes organs to give them a better life or to save their life. So the CHF supports NHSBT in their work to encourage donors to sign up and to make blood and organ donation as straight forward and effective as it can be.

The session included a powerful video about how organ donation had saved individuals lives, a thought provoking and emotive speech by Justin Grace the British Olympic Cycling coach about his liver transplant, plus an informative talk by Huw Williams about the future possibilities that donations can achieve.

A speed meeting gave us the opportunity to talk directly to members of the NHSBT team and ask questions. We learnt about stem cell donation, how organ matching works and discussed introducing organ donation to primary school children.

We also discussed making your relatives aware that you have agreed to organ donation, so if you have already signed the donor register this is something to think about.

The bottom line is that donating blood will save lives, signing the donation register could save a life or lives.

Something to think about or do?

We would be interested to hear your opinions on organ donation, please leave your comment below.

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