June 15 2017 - Wilkins and sons strawberry race

Along with Hartley Bear we attended Wilkins and sons strawberry race, the theme was film stars and we watched Elvis Presley, two Audrey Hepburns and the Blues Brothers compete to see which team could pick the most strawberries within an hour.

Commercial teams pay to enter a team into the race and the money raised is given to charity. This year we were delighted that the CHF was the chosen charity. Our cause is dear to the company’s heart as a baby born to a member of staff has a congenital heart condition. “Freddie the fighter” has had several operations and is doing well.

Afterwards we were given a tour (along with a group of friendly chefs from County Hall London) of the factory and were taken to the fields to see and sample the fruit growing.

Many thanks to Wilkins and Sons for supporting the CHF in this way.





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