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Welcome to the Children’s Heart Federation Personal Stories page.  Here you can keep up to date with stories involving the stars who support CHF and the families that use our services. Please be advised that some case studies may touch on very sensitive issues and express views that may not necessarily be shared by other parents or by CHF, nevertheless we value comments and thank everyone willing to share for their honesty. If you'd like to tell us your story click here to find out more.

Jul 21st 2020 - Miley’s story

Told by her mother Natalie We had been waiting for the birth of our daughter Miley for years. We had fertility treatment to help conceive her and we were so excited to meet her. I had no complications in my pregnancy and we were told at the scans that the baby was healthy. However, at […]

Jun 15th 2020 - Riley’s story

Told by her mother Chloe. Riley’s condition wasn’t picked up at ante-natal scans or after birth. When she was six and a half weeks old we took her to hospital for the first time because we were concerned about her being sleepy and refusing feeds. It was the end of January 2020. The doctor on […]

Jun 15th 2020 - Sebastian’s story

Told by his mother Julie. My son Sebastian was three months old when doctors discovered he had two holes in his heart. In December 2016 Sebastian had became very ill and after collapsing at home was rushed by ambulance to our local hospital.  He was being treated for bronchiolitis that had developed from a bad […]

Feb 20th 2020 - Rico’s story

My name is Kirsty, I am a mum to a handsome little boy who was born with congenital heart block. In my 28th week of pregnancy I was told that my baby had a serious heart condition and would possibly not survive; he would need surgery the minute he was born. When Rico was born, […]

Jan 06th 2020 - Harper’s story

Told by her mother Ellie On 24th May 2019, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Harper Sophie Dottie Hall into the world, weighing a tiny 6 lbs 15 oz she was perfect. We had found out at our 20-week scan in January 2019 that Harper had a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot’s but […]

Sep 04th 2019 - Lily’s story

Told by her mother Katie In April 2015 we found out we were expecting our second child and we were obviously thrilled to bits. The pregnancy progressed normally until I had my 20 week scan, the sonographer found a problem with our baby’s heart and referred us to a consultant at our local hospital. 48 […]

Sep 04th 2019 - Hugo’s story

Told by his mother Julia Hugo was born in 2012 in poor condition with intrauterine growth restriction  (IUGR) and antenatally diagnosed Transposition of the Great Arteries. The first 24 hours were very stormy, he was stabilised after an urgent balloon septostomy at four hours old and went on to have a switch at ten days. […]

May 21st 2019 - Poppy’s story

Told by her mother Krystal My daughter Poppy was a fast delivery and was born in the car at the hospital car park. We were concerned because she was a blue shade in colour but the midwives assured us that this was because she was born outside and was probably cold. A junior doctor examined […]

Jan 15th 2019 - Myles’ story

Told by his mother Charlotte When I found out I was pregnant we were so happy, but I suffered a big bleed at eight weeks and again at 16 weeks into my pregnancy. All then went well until my 20-week scan. I was told I was having another boy and was so happy but then […]

Nov 12nd 2018 - Eleanor’s story

Told by her mother Helen. “Eleanor was born in August 2012 following a normal pregnancy and birth so mother and daughter were discharged from hospital later that day.  At four days old, Eleanor was seen by a GP who undertook  tests to check normal functions.  It was at this point that we were told to […]

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