Update on Bristol Review

Since issuing a call for evidence last summer, a substantial number of families have contacted the Review and have helped to build up a detailed picture of experiences of the Children’s Cardiac Service at Bristol Children’s Hospital.  In addition, evidence from the Trust and other organisations has enabled inquiry into the issues raised. The Review is now moving to the next stage of its work, analysing all the information received from families, continuing to investigate the issues arising from that information, and preparing for interviews with Trust staff and others, such as those with responsibility for the commissioning of the service.


As the first phase is concluding, if there is any information you, or anyone connected with your group, wish to pass to the Review, please do so before the 7th September 2015.  If you are aware of anyone who would like to submit evidence, kindly inform them of the above and ask them to contact the Review Team who will be pleased to assist.


It is anticipated that evidence-taking will conclude before the end of this year and expect that the report will be completed in Spring 2016.


If you have any queries do please get in touch either by phoning 03000 134 754, emailing enquiries@thebristolreview.co.uk

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