The LENA Study

LENA stands for Labeling of Enalapril from Neonates up to Adolescents. This study marks a first step in developing medicines in the form of mini-tablets for children, which will ultimately help tailor drug treatment to the specific needs of young patients.

CHF have joined a five-year study funded by the EU Commission to develop a child friendly form of an existing drug that will allow the treatment of young children with heart problems. The LENA study will trial the drug, enalapril (ACE inhibitor) in the new form of mini-tablets, which are less than 3mm in size and quickly dissolve in the mouth, allowing for the correct dosage to be administered.

The trial will be running in seven countries and CHF are keen to hear from parents/carers of children with heart conditions up to age 18, who are currently on enalapril and would like to take part in the trial.

For more information on the LENA Project contact CHF at or visit the LENA website at


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