The impact of the first wave of COVID-19 on those with lifelong conditions: a case study of congenital heart disease

CHF has been involved, alongside other heart-charities in the CHAMPION study, the first part of which looked at the impact of COVID-19 on adults and children with heart conditions.

CHF ran an online forum in a closed Facebook group where parents could answer a series of questions and also debate with each other.

The results of the first part of the forum which dealt with the impact of COVID-19 has now been written up as a report, the pre-published version can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Champion logo

The main part of the CHAMPION study is still ongoing and it is not too late to join if you are the parent or carer of a child with a heart condition. The CHAMPION study wants to hear your views on what makes services good quality, which includes understanding how COVID-19 has affected your experience of health care. Click on the image to join the group.



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