The AIMS Study - The Aortic Irbesartan Marfan Study

The Royal Brompton NHS Foundation Trust together with 30 hospitals across England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are taking part in an important clinical trial investigating Marfan Syndrome. Marfan syndrome is a inherited genetic condition affecting approximately 18,000 people in the UK which can cause life threatening cardiovascular complications.

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate how effective a blood pressure treatment called Irbesartan is for treating patients with Marfan Syndrome. We wish to investigate whether this treatment can reduce the rate of expansion of the major blood vessel in the heart, known as the aorta. The study will also look at how safe the treatment is and how well it is tolerated.

We are looking for patients between the ages of 6-40 years who have Marfan Syndrome who may be interested in participating. Anyone interested in participating can find further information at the AIMS Study website, To be referred to a local Marfan syndrome clinic for further information on the study please contact Dr Anne Child, Consultant Geneticist, St Georges Hospital, on 0208 725 5248; e-mail .


AIMS Web press release, V1.0, 23/07/2013

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