No decision about me, without me - Consultation Response

Conclusion of the CHF Consultation Response from ‘No decision about me, without me – consultation’  Download the full response below.

“The benefits of shared decision making are clear. Handing greater say to patients and involving them in their treatment improves the quality of healthcare they receive objectively, as well as improving their satisfaction with care as well as delivering cost savings[.

There does need to be further clarity over the scope of these changes and what they will really mean for patients and parents. Certainly however CHF feels that many patients and parents do want and deserve to be more involved in decision-making about their care.

To enable them to do so is key and there needs to be better training for medical professionals, information, support and data available for patients and parents on which they can make decisions about their care. Empowering patients must not be about merely tick-box activity or slogans but must be about a wider cultural and behavioural change in the health service.”

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