NHS Annual Organ Donation and Transplant Activity Report 2016/2017

The total number of patients whose lives were saved or improved by an organ transplant during this time frame increased by 3% to 4,753.

Key messages:

  • 6 million people on the opt-in Organ Donor Register (ODR) at March 2017 (36% of the population);
  • 204,518 people on the opt-out ODR at March 2017 with a further 72 appointed representative registrations;
  • 44% of the 1,413 deceased organ donors last year were on the opt-in ODR;
  • 58% of 1,158,699 registrations last year were through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Opt-in routes to the ODR include:

  • With driving licence applications and reminders (via the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA);
  • When registering as a patient with a General Practitioner (via the Family Health Services Authorities);
  • From the Passport Agency when applying for a new passport;
  • When applying for a Boots Advantage card;
  • Online registrations via the Organ Donation and Transplantation (ODT) website odt.nhs.uk and by telephone.

A significant difference is still apparent in the consent/authorisation rates for white patients and patients from minority ethnic groups (66% and 25% respectively).

Let’s extend the organ donation conversation to new communities.

People of all ages are eligible for organ donor registration.

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