National Transplant Week 2015

This year’s National Transplant Week (NTW) Campaign ran from 7-13 September 2015. NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)  updated everyone on the initial plans for this – as well as some of the wider work across NHS Blood and Transplant that people may also be interested in. A lot of people contributed to making the previous campaigns such a success and the organisers were grateful to all the organisations and individuals who came together to spread the message about saving and improving lives through Organ Donation.

Traditionally NTW activity has been narrowly focussed on one week, but to build on the success of the 2014 Christmas campaign and in order to maximise potential engagement levels, NHSBT decided to use the week as a focus for a longer term behaviour change campaign that runs up to Christmas. NHSBT also plan to start campaigning one month before, to prepare a stage for local activity. Some of the same people have been involved in their previous stakeholder groups – either by attending meetings/telecons, or as part of the wider ‘e-group’ to receive written updates about National Transplant Week plans. NHSBT are also looking forward to welcoming new members to their groups this year.

To recap on the remit of the group:

  • To advise NHS Blood and Transplant on the design and implementation of Transplant Week 2015, representing the perspective of transplant recipients, donor families, and those waiting for a transplant.
  • To facilitate outreach and promotional activity with the public, including BAME audiences, and via each organisation’s contact bases.
  • To contribute towards the effective promotion of Transplant Week 2015 key messaging – for example through supply of case studies, media contacts and celebrity supporters.

NHSBT hope that they will get a lot of support for this year’s campaign and would be grateful for any feedback on how people would like to contribute, either as part of the main stakeholder group – which will involve meetings/telecons – or if they’d prefer to receive updates via the wider ‘e-group’. As the planned activity is due to take place over a longer period, NHSBT are flexible on meeting people’s needs and preferred routes for communication – and would like to suggest a ‘kick-off’ face-to-face meeting so that they can share more details on their forthcoming campaign plans.

NHSBT would be grateful for a response on whether people would like to attend an initial meeting in May in Central London, and if they’d prefer to be a member of the main stakeholder group or the ‘e-group’. If anyone has any questions at this stage please don’t hesitate to get in touch at with the NHSBT organisers at

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