London2LondonOn April 30th Swindon’s Richard Stocker is setting out to complete a gruelling 320 mile European bike ride in just four days to raise money for the Children’s Heart Federation. CHF has supported his son Lewis, who was born with the heart condition, Aortic Stenosis and at just 14 years has already had three open heart surgeries.

Lewis has been involved with the charity’s youth forum Brighthearts that provides activities and support for young people facing the challenge of a heart condition. Inspired by Lewis’ willingness to accept and face his heart condition with such courage, Richard wanted to show his support for his son, and for CHF, by embarking on this cycling challenge.

Richard Stocker says: “Lewis has battled through life, and he tries to be just like any of his friends. He always says there is someone worse off. After going on a weekend with Lewis and the team from CHF Brighthearts that made me want to raise funds and awareness of this charity. It was a charity that I had not heard a lot about. But now I have seen the work the charity does and how they made my son feel so welcoming, I think if we can raise more awareness and money it means they can do more great work for other families alike.”

The Mobile Operations Manager has named his adventure “London to London”, since he will cycle from and return to London. On the way, he will take a Ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, and from there complete 240 miles of cycling through Bruges to Calais France, then cycling from Dover, to London.

Richard says: “We are fitting in as many training rides as we can, the three people doing it live all over the country. The only thing that worries me is that we are carrying all our stuff and have no support, so any breakdowns we have to deal with ourselves”.

Samantha Johnson from the Children’s Heart Federation says “We are delighted that Richard has chosen to support CHF, and in such a unique and imaginative way. It is really important for our fundraisers to feel personally attached to their challenge as well as the cause, so what better way than to design the challenge himself! We wish him the best of luck.”

Richard will set out at the beginning of May and hopes to raise around £1,500 for the charity. To donate visit www.justgiving.com/londontolondon

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