Layla's Story

When Layla was born we thought we had a healthy baby girl, but as months passed she became very poorly and after months of doctors and hospital visits she was finally diagnosed with a very rare heart condition called Cor Triatriatum.   Our world was turned upside-down and inside-out; she was only one,  just a baby and we were terrified.  Then the whirlwind of hospital visits began and within a month of her diagnosis she had open heart surgery to repair her heart. As parents we felt helpless seeing our little girl go through all of that and we couldn’t help her we were heartbroken.  The days after surgery felt like hell,  seeing her lay helpless and scared – the images will live with us forever. As the days and weeks passed she surprised us all;  she kept fighting and got so well so quickly amazing us all!

I want to share our story so that other families going through this know that happy endings do sometimes happen. My little girl will be three  in August and she is happy, HEALTHY and her little heart is as strong as an ox.  Our world may have felt like a living hell at the time, but our kids are strong fighters and I’m a very proud mum to a very special little girl.

I wish that all parents could have such happy outcomes.

Thank you for reading.

Adele – Layla’s mum.





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