Kodi's Story

told by mum Lynsay


At 12 weeks of pregnancy I was told that the baby was very poorly and the fluid around the baby was too much and was pressing down on the baby’s chest and head, the hospital was advising me to terminate the pregnancy as by the time I got to the women’s hospital for a second opinion the baby would already be gone… on the day of my fetal medicine scan I was preparing myself for the worst possible moments..


BUT my baby was there he was bouncing around! I agreed to have the amniotic needle to find out why this fluid was around my baby it was either a syndrome or a heart condition but either way I wanted to know also wanted to know the sex of my baby as they were saying he wasn’t going to survive!


It turned out my beautiful little boy who was born by c-section at 39+2 weeks had the following heart condition Pentalogy of Cantrell along side Tetralogy of Fallot along side a lot more and a omphalocele.



My boy Kodi is now 6 and he’s doing so well considering he’s had no heart surgery up to yet (but it is in conversation now oct 23) the only repair he has had is the omphalocele.. Kodi’s oxygen levels remain at 79/80 which is a norm for him.

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