Knitters needed











The Molly’s Dollies look great in their colourful jumpers but there is a serious reason behind the reason we provide them.

  • The V neck jumpers show the majority of dolls’ scars so children can see the scar and show it to their family and friends without having to remove the doll’s clothes.
  • The dolls don’t hide their scars, this helps the children to not be ashamed of their scars or feel the need to cover them up.
  • The jumpers can be easily lifted up to show other scarring and are easy for nurses to attach plasters, cannulas etc. and are easy for play therapists to work with.
  • The jumpers are easy for little fingers to remove so they can enjoy playing with the doll, getting them ready for hospital etc.

We need knitters to make jumpers for the dolls, download the pattern here and send the finished jumpers to our head office address.


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