Introduction to Congenital Heart Disease Course Week for London Congenital Heart Centres

An annual course for Nurses and Allied Health Practitioners working with infants, Children and Young People who have Congenital Heart Disease and related Cardiac Conditions. The event was on Wednesday 8th July and took place at UCL’s Institute of Child Health.

The course is run collaboratively by the practice educators and specialist staff of the London congenital heart centres and attracts attendees from cardiac centres in the UK, Ireland, Europe and further afield.  The course rotates around the 3 London Centres every 2 years and will be on the Great Ormond Street Site for 2015 and 2016.

The event had not-for-profit organisations attending for the first time.  This was to allow attendees to have an opportunity to talk to third sector groups and understand more about the facilities that they offer our heart children and their families.

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