Happy New Year from CHF!

A first ‘Hello!’ of a fantastic new year and week!   And CHF are more than motivated to ensure 2017 is a year of walking that extra mile with our heart children and families!

  • You may already know that CHF provides information materials on congenital heart disease (CHD) including Factsheets that are free to download;
  • Do you know that you are also welcome to access booklets and other resources for children and families including: ‘Rosie Goes Red, Violet Goes Blue?’
  • This is a book for children with heart conditions and follows the story of Rosie and her sister, Violet and is ideal for children of 5 years and above.

Please email CHF via info@chfed.org.uk so that your heart child’s school friends; teacher and other family members may have an opportunity to better understand the CHD journey.

Nobody tells a story better than those who have already walked that same path.

Further information about CHF’s books and resources on CHD:


Further information about CHF’s CHD Factsheets:



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