Hamish's Journey

By Lorraine; Hamish’s mother.

Hamish was born on 28/11/06 after a normal pregnancy, a typical blue baby.   He was diagnosed at Bristol children’s hospital when he was 2 days old.  He underwent a valve repair via balloon at 2 days and thrived!

When he was 10 months old I ran the Bristol half marathon in recognition of the fab treatment he had received and raised £800 for the Sally’s and Grommet Fund.  Last November Hamish had to have a Ross Procedure which involved replacing his aortic valve with his pulmonary and giving him a donor pulmonary.  He continues to thrive and is very active!  He plays football, rugby, golf, biking and scooting; infact anything to try and tire him out as he has endless energy!

Last Sunday I ran the Weston Half Marathon (I’m really not. Great runner!) to raise funds for the Children’s Heart Circle.  Our stay in hospital whilst traumatic could have been far worse! Toys to pay with, small comforts of coffee and a chat in the family room really helps.  I am hoping Hamish doesn’t need repeat operations, for him and also not sure my body could take another 13 miles!



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