CHF Fundraising stars in our hearts for 2023

Thank you to all our CHF fundraising stars in our hearts:

Between them they are collecting used stamps, raising funds through our collection tins, sky-diving, trekking in China, cycling, race nights, swimming and running marathons.

🌟Captain Beany🌟

🌟Team the usual suspects London to Brighton Cycle 2023🌟

🌟Michael Browne🌟

🌟Coral Allon🌟

🌟Laura Winterburn 🌟

🌟Three Counties Crematorium🌟

🌟Alisha Lillington-Stanley🌟

🌟Joseph Jarvis 🌟

🌟Karen Stranger🌟

🌟Garrie Wider 🌟

🌟Santander Braintree 🌟

Could you join them doing something fun and become a CHF Fundraising Star in our Hearts?

Contact for ideas, information and help.

Maybe you are already doing something? If so, let us know and become a CHF fundraising star in our hearts.


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