Victoria Saddington Tipping

Victoria and her husband decided to fundraise and raise awareness for CHF  by taking on the Snowdonia Weekend with Discover Adventure 2023!

Being a personal cause to Victoria, as she was born with a Heart Defect, a VSD/Hole in the Heart, this will never heal.

“For me, the hole is central in my heart and I get blood flowing and pumping into my oxygen causing breathlessness. Climbing Snowdon is no big feat for many, for me, I never thought I would be able to do this… I am giving it a go!!”

Congratulation and thank you to Victoria and her husband on their fantastic achievement on fundraise and raise awareness for CHF by completing the Snowdonia Weekend.

We cannot tell you how much all your fundraising efforts and raising awareness for CHF is appreciated. You both are truly making a

difference for the children and young people CHF helps.

Gift Aid