Children’s Heart Federation and Funky Voices Choir’s Trafalgar Square Carol Concert


This Christmas we had the pleasure of hosting our annual choir concert in Trafalgar Square. On the 10th December we were joined by the amazing Funky Voices Choir (a mere 300 of the full 800 members!) who blew us away with their energy and creativity.

Thanks to Funky Voices’ talent and enthusiasm we drew a huge crowd which covered the steps in front of the glittering Christmas tree, and everyone was ready and willing to donate.

Our wonderful CHF Volunteers and Families were there, showing fantastic commitment in resisting the draw of the music to collect donations from the audience. They too added to the warmth and energy of the evening, so a big thank you to all of them.

The unique choir definitely brought some Christmas cheer to us all the Children’s Heart Federation, not to mention Hartley, who had a boogie to the music (his favourites were the Michael Jackson covers).

Thanks to Funky Voices, our volunteers, and the generous London crowd we raised nearly £600 during the 40 minute performance, and had an amazing evening. Thank you again to everyone involved for making the evening so special.

Founded in 2007, Funky Voices is the largest modern community choir in Essex and Suffolk with over 800 members. Funky Voices perform at hundreds of events local and worldwide throughout the year, helping to raise huge amounts of funds for charities.  They have also been invited to perform at some outstanding venues both nationally and internationally, and have released several albums on itunes. Find them here:


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