Children’s Heart Association – Parent’s Info Day


The Children’s Heart Association held a Parent’s Information Day on 19th September. The day took place at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport from 10:00am to 4:30pm.

The day was aimed at 4 groups of people:

  • Parents of children with a heart condition
  • New parents with their babies
  • Children age 11-14 living with a heart condition
  • Young adults age 18+ living with a heart condition

On the day they discussed

  • Holidays
  • Medicines
  • Explaining to siblings
  • Antenatal diagnosis
  • How to use a heart start device
  • Exercise, and lots more

There were teams from 3 cardiac units leading the sessions & a cardiologist & a surgeon as guest speakers, as well as representatives from other heart charities (including us!).

There were special sessions for dads, new parents and older heart kids, with stalls from other heart charities.


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