CHF is taking CHD campaigns to Parliament

CHF is going to the Houses of Parliament to promote CHF’s pulse oximetry and Think HEART campaign on Wednesday 18 October.

CHF is campaigning for the introduction of pulse oximetry screening for all newborn babies in the UK.

The pulse oximetry test measures the oxygen levels in the blood and is proven to be effective in detecting three quarters of congenital heart conditions.

We’re leading this campaign and pushing for its inclusion in the national programme of all newborns.

CHF’s Think HEART campaign aims to empower and inform parents, as well as better educate medical professionals about the key early signs of a possible heart problem in children.

We’re hoping this campaign is acted upon as widely as possible.

Further information: Think HEART campaign

Further information: Pulse Oximetry campaign

Let us take your views on pulse oximetry testing to Parliament too:

  • Did you get a late diagnosis for your child’s heart condition?
  • Or did you have trouble receiving a diagnosis?
  • Would a pulse oximetry test have helped?

Let us hear your stories, message CHF or email

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