CHF helps transform young patients room at St. Thomas’s Hospital

Edward Mansell

Wednesday 22nd January marked the opening of the Edward Mansell room for young heart patients on Becket ward at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital.

With volunteers from John Lewis and in partnership with the charity ECHO, CHF redecorated and transformed a room on the adult cardiac ward at the hospital which now includes a television, Xbox, a computer, DVDs and a fully stocked bookshelf.

This room will give young people the space to spend time away from the clinical environment of the hospital ward, relax with their friends, catch up on school work, and have some quiet time. It’s also a much needed space for nurses to have sometimes very difficult conversations with young patients, for example when they need to tell them bad news or give them extra support.

The room was officially opened by Edward Mansell’s family and was named after the heart patient who was born with Tetralogy Fallots. CHF is grateful to everyone involved in the Edward Mansell room project, which we hope will offer comfort and support to young heart patients who are treated at St. Thomas’ hospital.

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