ITV London - Royal Brompton Loses Appeal

The Court of Appeal has decided that NHS consultations over the future of children’s heart services were lawful. The Royal Brompton Hospital launched a legal challenge, after the review led to proposals that their kids’ heart unit should be closed.

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Royal Brompton ‘tried hard to avoid legal route’

The Royal Brompton hospital has said it tried to avoid taking expensive legal action to keep open its children’s heart unit. In a statement, the hospital’s trust said it had been left with no choice:

“When serious assaults are made on patient care, when groundbreaking research teams who may be on the cusp of a significant breakthrough in cystic fibrosis tell us their research will not be possible under the proposals put forward, drastic measures are called for.

“We had to fight to protect the needs of patients – now and in the future. What better cause is there than the health of vulnerable children?”

Heart charity ‘horrified’ by cost of legal challenge

The Children’s Heart Federation charity has said it is “horrified” by the bill run up by the Royal Brompton Hospital, in its courtroom battle with another NHS body.

The hospital had challenged a consultation by the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts, which had proposed closing the children’s heart unit at the Royal Brompton.

The charity has urged other hospitals not “to waste this level of money on further legal action”.



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