CHD Review Documents

Below is a library of documents issued by the NHS or CHF as part of the review of congenital heart disease services.
Mar 2011

01/03/11 - Consultation Document – Safe and Sustainable: A New Vision for Children’s Congenital Heart Services in England

“We believe change is needed in the way in which children’s congenital heart services are planned and delivered. Change will improve outcomes for children and ensure services are safe and sustainable” External Link   

Feb 2011

01/02/11 - Safe and Sustainable Review of Childrens Congenital Cardiac Services in England Pre Consultation Business Case

This document sets out recommendations for a superior congenital heart service for the children of England and Wales – a service that is safe and sustainable. S&S Business Case

Dec 2010

01/12/10 - Children’s Cardiac Services News Issue 4

Fourth issue of HeartNews. This newsletter is packed with the latest information about the NHS Safe and Sustainable review into children’s congenital heart services. Surgery_Services_News_04_Winter_2010

May 2010

01/05/10 - Children’s Cardiac Services News Issue 3

Third issue of Children’s Cardiac Surgery Services News. This newsletter aims to provide you with the latest update on the journey towards providing the best possible care for children and young people with heart conditions. Surgery_Services_News_03_Spring_2010

Apr 2010

01/04/10 - The Need for Change (April 2010)

A document produced by the NHS. Safe, sustainable and world class. Not ordinary, OK or just good enough. Children and young people who need heart surgery must have excellent care. The_Need_for_Change

Nov 2009

01/11/09 - Children’s Cardiac Services News Issue 2

Second issue of Children’s Cardiac November 2009 Surgery Services News. “If we embrace change we can develop services that are better, safer and more sustainable” says Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director. Surgery_Services_News_02_Winter_2009

Oct 2009

01/10/09 - CHF MORI Poll Presentation

Presentation detailing the findings of a CHF commissioned MORI poll of heart parents into the organisation of children’s heart surgery services. CHF_MORI_Poll_Presentation

Aug 2009

01/08/09 - Children’s Cardiac Services News Issue 1

First issue of “Safe and Sustainable” – the stakeholder newsletter for all those with an interest in the children’s cardiac surgery services programme. Surgery_Services_News_01_Summer_2009

May 2009

01/03/09 - NHS Safe and Sustainable Programme Team Presentation

MS PowerPoint Document 1.6 mb Presentation given by NHS Safe and Sustainable Programme Team.  

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