Rebecca Bond's British 10k

“In September of 2010 I decided that I had had enough of being the fat friend. So I sorted my head then started on my body, I started to take up running and committed myself to getting fit and healthy. So in March when my friend signed up to run The British 10k in London I decided that I wanted to do it too. I was scared. I was out of shape, very overweight (and by very I mean VERY) and it was 6.2 miles. I trained as much as I could (which wasn’t much!) and on race day I just talked myself in to believing that I could do it no matter how long it took.

Part of my reason for doing the run was for my own personal fitness, to challenge myself, but also I ran for The Children’s Heart Federation because of some wonderful children in my life. CHF is a wonderful Charity that Karen (the one that got me in to this in the first place!) introduced me too when my Son Charlie was diagnosed with Reflex Anoxic Seizures. It transpired that my aunt also knew of them because her daughter, my beautiful cousin, had undergone several heart surgeries as a child and will certainly need more as she grows older.

Karen knew of them because of her lovely boy, born on Charlie’s 2nd birthday, had been seriously ill with Critical Aortic Stenosis. It was a tense Christmas that year as Samuel underwent emergency surgery, and the support offered to my friend and her family has been incredibly valuable. Seeing someone I care about dearly go through a terrifying and life changing ordeal like this & seeing the support the charity offers families just like theirs really made me keen to help them and what better way to blister my feet and make me ache for a day or two?

My time at the 10k won’t set any running records but I finished it, I raised over £400 for a wonderful charity and I feel great about my achievement. There is nothing better than knowing you’ve helped simply by putting one foot in front of the other.”

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