Parent Power Nutrition: Readers’ Recipes 2018

This is a recipe from a mother whose heart child is now a 6ft tall 15 year old and this is his favourite:

Smoked Haddock Chowder served in a bread roll

Serves four or five people


Bacon lardons – 1 pack

Spring onions – two bunches

Smoked haddock – 300g or more.  You can add prawns too if you like.

Carrot – one large

Tinned sweetcorn – four tins

Cream – one carton (300ml approx)

Extra milk – to thin the chowder to your desired consistency


To serve: Crusty rolls and a few raw spring onion slices.



Put the lardons and chopped onions in a pan and fry until onions are soft.  Set aside

Food-process the sweetcorn until smooth, set aside

Cook the Haddock lightly in microwave or pan.  When cool enough to handle, remove the skin and break the fish into large pieces.  Set aside.

Slice the carrot very thinly (it’s just to add a bit of colour).

Cut the very top (‘lid’) off the bread rolls, scoop the soft bread out of the middle. This’ll make your chowder ‘bowl’. You can put the soft bread next to it on the plate.


To make the chowder:

In a large pan, combine all the ingredients except the haddock and milk.  Add the milk to get the consistency you like.  Bring to the boil. Switch off the heat and add the haddock, stirring gently so the fish doesn’t fall apart.  The heat will be sufficient to warm the fish through.

Ladle the soup into the bread roll ‘bowls’. Sprinkle with a few spring onion pieces and put the bread lid back on.

Serve.  You don’t need to rush to eat because it’s nice when the soup has a little while to sink into the bread.


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