Katie Rush - Fundraising Star

August’s Fundraising Star is Katie Rush from Cambridgeshire!

Katie organised and held the ‘Patchwork Moo Charity Auction’ from 19th to 23rd June, and all of the proceeds were donated to Children’s Heart Federation!

The Auction featured beautiful handmade items including children’s clothes, bunting, jewellery, cakes, purses, household decorations and children’s toys.

The Auction has raised a fantastic £1,106.50 so far! More payments are still being added and Katie’s employers are kindly donating too.

You can find out more about the Auction at: http://www.justgiving.com/katie-rush0


” When we learnt that Maya needed her open heart surgery I was struck with worry about how we prepare and explain this to a toddler. After finding CHF I was amazed at the support available for both us and Maya. We attended the family weekend away and found strength from meeting the other families, and Maya also received her Molly Dolly with a matching scar. For a charity to provide both of these to us really helped and I wanted to make sure other families would benefit from this in the future which is why I organised the auction. The auction also gave me a distraction from the upcoming surgery.”  


CHF want to say a huge Congratulations to Katie and a very big Thank You to her and everyone who donated pieces to the Auction and placed Bids. It is a fantastic idea and great to have a brand new fundraising event which we’re sure will inspire people to go out and plan their own!