Fundraising Star - Natalie Thomas

Girl Guide Natalie Thomas has been working hard to achieve her Queens Guide Community Action badge for the last 15 months, and we congratulate her enormously on having raised over £700 for the Children’s Heart Federation as part of her extensive project.

Inspired by her cousin, Bradley, who sadly passed away aged 6 from a congenital heart condition, Natalie threw herself into developing an awareness raising game-based project, combining original, fun and educational games for children to play around themes of heart health and heart conditions, as well as creating and selling original heart badges to raise money for us.  Involving Girl Guide and Rainbow groups nationwide, Natalie encouraged people up and down the country to buy a badge and take part, learning, sharing, and becoming more aware of all kinds of issues affecting both children with heart conditions, and those without.

Natalie came into our offices recently to present her project and speak more about her experiences with Bradley, and her experiences throughout her 15 month project. “I’ve really enjoyed learning all about the different types of heart conditions. It has been a big challenge but it has helped me to understand why Bradley got so out of breath and understand some of the other things he went through”.

As Natalie moves forward to complete the final stages of her Queens Guide Community Action badge, we wish her the very best of luck, and thank her for her generosity of spirit, time and support.

A true Fundraising Star!!!