Fundraising star - Martin Brown

It may be getting close to Christmas again (ho ho ho) but it isn’t too late to support fundraising star Martin Brown who last Christmas surprised his mother by cycling to North Yorkshire from East London dressed as Father Christmas.

This is what Martin had to say about his campaign.

As you probably know, I’m only around because of the amazing technology that is my pacemaker. If no one had thought to invent them, I’d’ve been brown bread these last 8 or 9 years. I call this extra time my bonus years, and I’ve filled them up with loads of experiences, some good, some not so good, most of them fantastic. 

I’m planning to surprise my Mum with a Christmas visit. She thinks I’m away travelling until the Spring, but I’m back in the UK, and I’ll be knocking on her door on Christmas Eve. My Dad is in on the surprise, so don’t worry, there will be enough Christmas Pud for me too! 

I’ve decided to ride to her house in North Yorkshire from where I’m staying in East London, dressed as Father Christmas, on my pedelec bike. That is a bike that assists me when I get to a steep hill by kicking in with some power, a bit like my pacemaker does when the old ticker decides it needs a rest for a bit.

So I’m hoping to raise some money to help some children with poorly hearts get the kind of life we all want to enjoy. I’d already had a fair crack at life before I fell ill. so my extra time is a bonus.”

Well done Martin!