Fundraising Star Kat Lee


Introducing our fundraising star Kat Lee. In June, Kat took part in the Humber Bridge Half Marathon in Hull. This challenging course is set across the world’s largest bridge and has become renowned for being one of the most testing events of its type. The dedication and enthusiasm which Kat has demonstrated by completing the race and raising a remarkable amount of money, makes her the Children’s Heart Federation’s latest fundraising star.

Kat decided to fundraise for CHF following a personal bereavement. In early January 2012, one of Kat’s closest friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Martha who was unfortunately born with a congenital heart defect. Sadly, Martha’s condition deteriorated and she died aged three and a half months whilst waiting for surgery.

The tragic loss of Baby Martha was extremely upsetting for those who had been lucky enough to have known her and none more so than for her parents and big sister Florence. Being a mother herself, Kat felt a huge amount of empathy for her friend and it caused her great sorrow to see the pain she was experiencing.

Kat remembered feeling helpless, thinking she had no way to comfort her friend. She decided to take part in the Humber Bridge Half Marathon and raise funds for the Children’s Heart Federation in an attempt to help reduce the number of families who are experiencing the same grief. Kat was passionate about helping us to raise awareness of potential symptoms to aid earlier diagnosis in babies using Pulse Oximetry.

Speaking about her motivation for running the gruelling half marathon for CHF Kat said: “Children are such a precious gift and Martha chose her nest well, having spent her short weeks with a beautiful loving family who gave selflessly to ensure she was loved, secure and happy. Now it’s my turn to try and give something back for them; if only to see my friend smile’.

So far, Kat has managed to raise over £1100 and has beaten her fundraising target. Tracy from the Children’s Heart Federation said: “We’d like to say huge congratulations to Kat who has been exceptionally committed and raised a brilliant amount of money for CHF. The funds she has raised are vital in helping us to provide the level of support we do to children with heart disease and their families”.  

By Nina Thorpe