Fundraising Star - Celia Coram

Celia Coram of Trash À La Mode designs makes fashion jewellery and other small craft items using a lot of recycled materials .  She is a member of the women’s business networking organisation Athena’s City branch, which has the Children’s Heart Federation as its chosen charity.

Celia strongly supports the work of the Children’s Heart Federation.  She understands from a personal perspective having had a cousin born with a hole in her heart and from once providing accommodation to a Cuban, Children’s Heart Specialist, whilst he was doing some training at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.  It was not unusual for her to come home to find him watching video’s of the day’s operations on the hearts of tiny babies!

Celia feels her work has a good affinity with the Children’s Heart Federation – she puts a lot of love into her work.  The symbol of love is the heart and many of her works have featured hearts.  Celia has supported the work of the Federation through making badges and jewellery for Athena meetings, such as for Valentine’s Day and Christmas, donating items for raffles, donating a percentage from her own market stalls and attending both of the Dragon Boat Race days last year and this.  She has also rattled a bucket or two at other CHF fundraising events and supported other fundraising drives such as ‘Bring a Bear’.  The CHF events have brought her into contact with the children and families that CHF helps and she has got to know members of the staff team pretty well.

Celia urges other people with a small business to think about putting contributions towards CHF’s work.  There is a lot of business jargon about “adding value”, and what better way than making donations and adding real heart to your work.

Samantha of CHF said: ” we’d like to offer a hearty thanks and appreciation to Celia.  She’s been a consistent supporter of CHF from the first time we met and is always enthusiastic and eager to get involved with our events – thank you Celia, you are a star!”