Nationwide Building Society

Head Quarters Central Retail – Digital Department

Nationwide Building Society provides financial services directly, and through around 700 branches. Nationwide is a major provider of mortgage loans and savings in the UK, as well as personal banking such as loans, credit cards, current accounts and insurance products.

The Central Retail – Digital Department of the Nationwide Headquarters in Swindon set themselves a Charity Challenge to donate time and money to charity, and chose the Children’s Heart Federation as one of their Charities of the Year 2012/2013.

They held an Office Fete in September which included a cake stall, wine and cheese tasting, a tombola and a competition to guess members of staff from baby photos to name just a few! It also gave CHF the chance to meet the staff and tell them more about CHF and find out what they would like to be involved in.

Central Retail – Digital Nationwide are organising lots more events to fundraise and raise awareness such as a Halloween Spooktacular! They have also put collection boxes around the office and are keen to be involved in volunteering opportunities at our family events.