Fundraising Stars

Children's Heart Federation's Fundraising Stars.

Jan 21st 2019 - Fundraising Star – Emma Jarvis

Still time to support Emma in her fantastic fundraising efforts for CHF when she runs the Brighton Marathon on 14 April.  Wishing Emma a perfect Brighton weather day for the marathon fundraiser, and great success with all your training efforts. CHF are cheering you on, every step of the way!  

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Stars – Karen Tomlin and Samuel

CHF are wishing Karen and Samuel fantastic climbing weather for their spring Snowdon climb on 5th May 2019.  Samuel has had heart surgery and now he’s feeling better he’s choosing to fundraise for CHF and we think he’s leading by an outstanding example. Help Samuel and Karen achieve a fantastic Snowdon fundraiser for CHF.  A […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Stars – Jessica Gutaj and Klara

When Jessica’s little Goddaughter Klara was born on 11 September 2018, Klara was soon after diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  To raise funds for more awareness about HLHS Jessica is doing a ‘dry-January’ fundraiser for CHF. Help Jessica in her fantastic efforts to fundraise for CHF and raise […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Star – Victoria Saddington Tipping

Recently featured in CHF’s first Heart2Heart of 2019, Victoria is choosing to do a ‘dry-January’ to raise funds for CHF’s heart children and families.  Still some days to go. Why not support Victoria’s fantastic efforts and help CHF reach out to more heart children and families.  

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Stars – Lee and Wayne

A double thank you from CHF to Lee and Wayne for their amazing efforts in completing the 5km obstacle filled Blast Nuclear Race on 8 September 2018, and raising significant funds for CHF along the way. Intrepid fundraising.   A mammoth thank you.  

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Star – Barbara Capodiferro

Chiara – Barbara’s husband’s cousin –  and her husband John sadly lost their first daughter Gemma who was born prematurely.  Very sadly, they also lost their second son Massimo after he was diagnosed with a heart defect and passed away after surgery.  These parents have somehow found strength to use their insight to raise awareness […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Star – Susanne Parmenter and Millie

When Susanne’s daughter Millie’s bestie fell ill, both Millie and Susanne wanted to do something to help Belle through her hospital procedures.  Susanne heard of CHF’s Molly’s dollies – a rag doll that helps parents to prepare children to learn about scarring and surgery – and decided she’d like to do the summer Simply Health […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Star – Nikki O’Kell and Jacob

Jacob Harriman and his mammy, Nikki recently ran the Simplyhealth 2k Mini Run, and you could say three people were running the course, as Jacob and his mum chose to do the event to raise funds for Jacob’s brother who was born with two holes in his heart. Congrats to Jacob for his first charity […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Star – Kristian Clarke

CHF are always especially moved when we hear of relatives running in memory of a heart child.  Kristian Clarke ran the Norwich Triathlon in 2018 in memory of his young nephew, Riley who was only 2 years old when he passed away.  An incredible tribute to Riley.  CHF remember Riley through his Fundraising Star uncle, […]

Jan 17th 2019 - Fundraising Stars – Jack Harris and Finlay

Jack’s son Finlay was born with Tetralogy of Fallot four years ago and has been the massive inspiration behind Jack’s more than outstanding achievement in running and completing the ‘Rough Runner’ event in Oxfordshire in 2018, raising significant funds for CHF.  We think you’re both CHF champions as well as Fundraising Stars. CHF say a […]

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