This is the place to find out more information about the campaigns the Children’s Heart Federation is involved in:

CHF research projects – tell us what you think about long term medicines for children

Through our work we have learned that there can be practical and emotional issues, as well as some positive experiences, that parents/carers encounter when giving long term medicines to children. We have therefore decided to support the running of a survey aimed at parents/carers of children on long term medicines designed to help us understand your experiences better.

Safe in schools campaign

CHF as a member of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is backing the Safe in schools campaign to ensure children with medical conditions are not put in danger or made to miss out on opportunities as a result of their condition.  We want you to write to your MP about this. Download a template letter here.

New Review into Congenital Heart Disease Services

Learn about the latest review in CHD services in the UK.

INR Self Monitoring

The Anti-coagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA) is campaigning with the specific objective of achieving greater access via prescription to INR self-monitoring technology for patients receiving warfarin therapy. Less than 2% of all patients on warfarin currently benefit from home testing.

Pulse Oximetry 

CHF is campaigning for the introduction of Pulse Oximetry screening for all newborn babies in the UK. The test measures the oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Evidence shows that this test is an effective and one that CHF would like to see rolled out nationally.


The Think HEART campaign aims to empower and inform parents, as well as better educate medical professionals about the key early signs of a possible heart problem in children.

Parent Power Nutrition: Readers’ Recipes 2018

A big thank you for your recipes following CHF’s request for food combinations that help children with congenital heart disease, please send your favourite recipes to

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